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Updates will be moved to this page after three or so new updates, or if the updates section on the index page becomes too long for my liking.

02/02/2024 Update:

After over a year of no updates (again), I've decided that the best option is to minimize my expectations for progress. This isn't to say that this website is at any risk of closing after so little has been done with it, rather that my own habit of biting off more than I can chew for a project and then immediately being overwhelmed has gotten the best of me again.

From here I'll be making updates fairly sporadically, as I finish them. I won't be making any particular timeframe-related goals. This likely won't change much at all in the way of how the site is updated, just that I'll feel better working on it than I have before. Hopefully that will mean updates more often, but nothing is for certain. Just know that I do fully intend to continue updating into the future, for as long as I can keep it running.

Site changes this time around:

Planned future updates:

15/11/2022 Update:

I've also attempted to add a custom cursor but it doesn't seem to want to work. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon.

Next updates will include a blog page, guestbook, and a shrines section.

14/11/2022 Update:

After over a year after this site's conception, I'm attempting to work on this more regularly. Currently I plan to add a few shrine pages and a page dedicated to my old, now-lost collection of pokemon cards. Eventually I'd like to add some other things as well, but for now I'm trying to keep things simple.

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